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Surgery Day 5 and Final Day @ Kabala Hospital!

Surgery Day 5 and Final Day @ Kabala Hospital!

Last Friday November 1, 2019 was the fifth and final day of surgery at the Kabala Government Hospital. During the five surgical days (October 28 through November 1), the lives of 60 patients who received a combined 91 surgical procedures have been changed for the better. The surgical activities, which resulted in immediate reduction or elimination of their pain and suffering have given these individuals the possibility of a second lease to a better life by allowing them to go on to live happy and productive lives.

The surgeries were not only beneficial to the people of Kabala and its environs who received these surgical procedures at no cost to them, but also was an enriching experience for our SLI volunteers. Also throughout these five days, knowledge transfer activities which is a critical component of the mission was actively promoted during every opportunity during the surgical procedures.

Once again we would like to extend our gratitude to the our volunteers who gave it all and to the medical staff at the Kabala Hospital for their cooperation and for allowing us to make use of their facility.

We were also touched by the hospitality of the people of Kabala and we will never forget the smiles. Kabala and its people have a special place in our hearts and we will be back.

Even as our time in Kabala has come to an end, the mission continues, and our activities are headed to the Police Hospital in Kingtom from November 4 though November 8. During this additional five days we will engaged primarily in surgical capacity building activities through select surgical procedures for instructional purposes only to the Police Hospital surgical team.


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