In fulfillment of our commitment to facilitate semi-annual medical missions to Sierra Leone, SLI will be returning to the Kabala Government Hospital from May 5 through May 23, 2022, on a surgical mission. During this mission, we anticipate completing 100 surgeries within 10 operating days. The surgeries will be general surgical procedures and will vary in complexity and are designed to include cases of medical conditions that are prevalent and/or have a high educational/technical value which will include but not limited to exploratory laparotomy, hernia repairs and hydrocelectomies.

Funding of our activities is primarily through small donations from family, friends, and our volunteers. We welcome donations towards this mission to reach our target goal of $ 8,000 through small donations. Funds raised will be used to offset the cost of the necessary logistical requirements that primarily include room and board, transportation, communications, and other related costs for our volunteer participants from the United States while they are in Sierra Leone.

We look forward to your financial support in making this upcoming mission a success and thank you in advance.