The missions facilitated semi-annually and are the vessels through which the organization fulfills the its critical goal of knowledge transfer.Presently the missions comprise of two main complimentary activities.

  • Surgeries
  • Training

The surgeries are provided at no cost to patients who are from communities that are medically under-served.

2016 April Mission - Kabala Government Hospital

In April 2016 the organization embarked on our first medical mission to Sierra Leone to supplement conduct a marathon surgery session at the Kabala Government Hospital. This hospital is the only referral hospital for Koinadugu District and in which the healthcare needs of the district is served by only two doctors.

The medical mission was conducted from April 7 through April 18, 2016 with activities include conducting surgeries in direct collaboration with the hospital staff, hands on training of local medical staff on pre-operative preparation, post op recovery and donation of medical supplies & equipment to the Kabala Hospital and donations of non-medical items to the Kabala School for the Blind.

The 12-man volunteer team comprised of twelve medical professionals headed by surgeons Ralph Salvagno MD and Frank Collins MD. The volunteer medical team in collaboration with resident hospital medical staff performed 72 surgeries within 5 operating days and met the mission's goal. The type of surgeries ranged from but not limited to exploratory laparotomy, hernia repairs, hydrocelectomies, closed and open reduction internal fixations and subtotal thyroidectomies.




SLI facilitates semi-annual missions to Sierra Leone to conduct free surgeries and training sessions. Read More

Knowledge transfer is a critical component of every mission
to ensure continued delivery of quality healthcare
long after the mission teams have left. Read More