The missions facilitated semi-annually and are the vessels through which the organization fulfills the its critical goal of knowledge transfer.Presently the missions comprise of two main complimentary activities.

  • Surgeries
  • Training

The surgeries are provided at no cost to patients who are from communities that are medically under-served.

Since inception, SLI has design and implement a sustainable medical assistance program that would be sustainable because the lack of access or poor quality surgical care is not a problem that can be fixed through episodic surgical missions.

Training and education is the cornerstone of the SLI’s mission goals and the tool through which the primary goal of knowledge transfer is actualized in an bid to make our activities sustainable. The surgical missions are critical to implementing the necessary training and capacity building program as it is through these missions that we are able to provide the local healthcare providers with a combination of patient bedside (pre and post-op and OR instructions) and classroom instructions.

The training sessions are designed to increase the capacity of the local medical staff in to in a bid to strengthen their capacity to continue delivering and providing quality healthcare services long after the mission teams have left. The long-term goal is to have the trained healthcare providers go on to train other local staff to create the multiplier effect.

Because we are also in the business of providing medical equipment to the hospitals we work win, we accompany every equipment donation with the necessary technical assistance for the management of the installation, maintenance and repairs.

Training activities have include but not limited to anesthesia techniques (General and Epidural), pain management, First Aid/CPR, Basic Life Support (BLS) Advance Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) critical care techniques. Pre and post-operative care training are implemented continuously throughout the surgical missions through professional counterpart pairing of the volunteers and the local medical staff.


SLI facilitates semi-annual missions to Sierra Leone to conduct free surgeries and training sessions. Read More

Knowledge transfer is a critical component of every mission
to ensure continued delivery of quality healthcare
long after the mission teams have left. Read More