Surgery Day 1

Prepping for the start of a surgery. Surgery session about to start.

The team spent the weekend travelling to Kabala, participating in briefings with various stakeholders, most importantly with the management and staff of Kabala Hospital. The team also was involved in prepping the operating room and triaging prospective candidates for surgery. Today October 28, 2019 is the first surgical day of the mission with our volunteer surgeons Dr. Frank Collins and Dr. Biku Ghosh in partnership with Dr. Steven Fonnie and Dr. Dauda Tarawallie of the Kabala Hospital.

We will like to say a big thank you to the management and staff of the Kabala Hospital led by Dr. Dauda Tarawallie for the warm welcome and for allowing us to use their facility.

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One of the first surgeries in progress
Briefing at the Kabala Hospital over the weekend.
Sorting of surgical instruments during prepping over the weekend
Surgery Day 5 and Final Day @ Kabala Hospital!
October 2019 Surgical and Training Mission is Unde...

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