Established in 2016, SLI is an independent not for profit and non-denominational humanitarian organization that through donors and partners facilitates life-saving surgeries and sustainable medical services programs that are centered around knowledge transfer to Sierra Leone. The surgeries are provided to impoverished and medically under-served communities who otherwise would not have access or the financial capacity to pay for such surgeries which are the conduit through which the knowledge transfer component is actualized that ensure a sustainable program. 

SLI is a volunteer based organization registered as a 501(c)(3) organization in the United States (Tax ID 47- 5645999). All activities of the organization are carried out through volunteered time with over 95% of all donations going directly into facilitating the training and surgical missions.who’s activities are organized, managed and operated by volunteers.


Our Mission is to supplement the healthcare sector in Sierra Leone with the aim to improve the quality of life of individuals in the communities we work through the provision of sustainable medical service programs the provision of free surgeries, equipment and training (knowledge transfer).


SLI is unique in its approach in supplementing the healthcare sector in Sierra Leone primarily because Knowledge Transfer is a cornerstone of the organization. The focus of knowledge transfer is simply because the inadequacies of the healthcare sector in Sierra Leone could not be fixed with episodic surgical missions alone and as a result, SLI has developed and is implementing training programs to increase the capacity of the local medical professionals through classroom and patient bedside training sessions. The bedside training sessions are based on informal counterpart exchanges between the volunteers and the Sierra Leonean medical professionals. The formal classroom training sessions are facilitated routinely and based on as need basis. Also for all equipment and supplies donated, we ensure that we accompany the donations with technical assistance that is associated with the installation, maintenance and the relevant training of local technicians. 

It is vital that training is the focus of our services primarily because it ensures sustainability and a continued quality healthcare delivery system long after the surgical missions have left and in addition SLI maintains a very high standard in financial accountability and transparency.


The Ebola virus epidemic between 2014 and 2015 brought to light the dire condition of the already fragile healthcare system in Sierra Leone. SLI was established as a tool by the founders who are of Sierra Leonean origin living in the United States to assist in supplementing the healthcare system in a constructive way and to give back to the less fortunate by providing them free surgeries that will alleviate their immediate pain and suffering that will allow them to go on to live productive lives.


SLI facilitates semi-annual missions to Sierra Leone to conduct free surgeries and training sessions. Read More

Knowledge transfer is a critical component of every mission
to ensure continued delivery of quality healthcare
long after the mission teams have left. Read More